Maintaining healthy systems extends healthspan, which is about not only surviving, but thriving. With preventative maintenance and managing factors within our control, we can extend the health of the body’s systems and enjoy the synergistic wellness nature intended.

Total Health Care


The healing power of nature is the principle of plant-based (botanical) medicine. As a biochemist and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Peace’s training is based on centuries of knowledge about plants’ medicinal properties and how they work in the body. The botanicals in his proprietary blends were specifically chosen for their natural synergistic properties. Present in meaningful amounts, each is sourced from only the portion of the plant (leaf, root, flower) that contains the molecules biochemically important to specific systems of the body.


Quality fuel supports superior performance. For example, the winning car doesn’t have garbage in the tank. Similarly, quality nutrition fuels the body and each systems’ daily biochemical activities. Poor nutrition can add toxins, deprive systems of fuel and reduce their efficiency. Nutrition is the one aspect of healthspan completely in our control. You hold the fork. Choosing to fuel with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats and limiting sugar and alcohol will manifest in optimal energy, stamina and thinking power.


Healthspan relies on maintaining the body’s systems rather than waiting for things to go wrong: Care, Not Repair™. But rather than a collection of independent systems, nature provided the synergy of systems working together to power the total body. Consider car maintenance: brakes, tire pressure, tune ups and oil changes are independent, but all contribute to total car performance. Ignore one system and the rest suffer. Holistic care is similar. Each system impacts the function of the others which then collectively determine wellness of the total body.


The body’s systems receive biochemical messages in response to physical needs and in response to thoughts, actions and social connections. That’s why healthy lifestyles affect physical health. You feel better after physical activity, quality sleep and managing life’s stressors. But these feelings actually trigger positive biochemical signals throughout the body. The same signals are sparked by the sense of wellbeing we get from healthy relationships, a sense of community and the pursuit of our dreams. Healthy lifestyles determine the quality of our years, and in turn, the quality of our health.

Conditions We Treat

At Peace Wellness Center we use Holistic Care to treat a wide variety of conditions.


We focus on supporting a healthy neural environment for optimal memory & concentration by targeting brain energy and circulation. Our treatments can improve memory & focus as well as detox and nourish the brain by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. We can also ameliorate symptoms of diseases such as Alzehimer's and Parkinson's.  



Gall bladder, liver, stomach and intestinal disorders can be treated through our holistic care. We also can provide proactive care by targeting daily inflammation, gas and bloating that cause discomfort. Our botanical medicine can help with nutrient absorption, facilitating healthy digestion and nutrient bioavailability.  



For men, our treatments support sexual and reproductive health by increasing libido, erectile function and fertility, and we can enhance prostate health by targeting healthy circulation, inflammation response and normal gland size. For women, we can provide healthy hormone balance to aid in the response to menopausal symptoms and sexual function, as well as providing improved libido, sexual health, reduced monthly symptoms and healthy reproductive function



We can help with high blood pressure and heart disease by encouraging a healthy inflammation response and improving cardiac-protective response, as well as promoting healthy lipid levels and lowering cholesterol levels. For athletes, we target cardio recovery to support heart calming & recovery after exercise.



By targeting your body's own natural ability to defend or respond to invading viruses and bacteria, we can help improve your body's defense against the flu and common colds. For those seeking to rebuild or improve their immune system, we offer treatments designed to activate the immune system.



To manage chronic muscle and joint pain stemming from arthritis and other conditions, we focus on reducing the ongoing inflammation and support healthy tissue and bone. For athletes, our treatments support a healthy response to exercise-induced muscle burn and contribute to tissue recovery.


Beyond the Little Blue Pill

Sexual Health

For many men and women, intimacy and having fun in the bedroom isn’t always fun and cause a strain on a relationship. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, up to 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women experience some type of sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the most widely discussed form of sexual problems, but women also experience issues related to sex, such as vaginal dryness or loss of sensitivity. Both men and women can suffer from low libido and causing a loss of self-esteem. For these and other symptoms, there may be a treatment method available in the form of platelet-rich plasma therapy known as PRP therapy.

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Platelet-rich plasma is plasma that has been enriched with platelets. The platelets contain growth factors that signal stem cells to start doing what they should be doing on their own. In turn, your reproductive organs and sex drive get a much-needed boost. Treating certain medical conditions with platelet-rich plasma isn’t a new concept, but recent developments have made it a much more viable option for sexual therapy, particularly for women.

PRP therapy works by using your own blood to stimulate natural processes that may have shut down for various reasons. In one method, a local anesthetic gets applied to specifically targeted injection sites. A topical numbing cream which numbs the surface area. Once the PRP is injected, the signaling molecules go to work. Your body creates new blood vessels and sensory cells to aid in sexual function. It’s a quick procedure with fast results. Many patients see improvement within a week but results can vary from patient to patient. You may experience a heightened arousal with better sensitivity during sex.

Sexual dysfunction can result from any number of physiological or psychological conditions. Trauma, for instance, can greatly reduce your desire for sex as can lower hormone levels due to aging. Regardless of the cause, some people suffer in silence when it comes to sexual dysfunction because it’s not an easy topic to bring up with a doctor – or even your partner. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you may have a health condition that could be remedied with proper treatment:

  • Loss of Desire for Sex
  • Inability to Achieve Orgasm
  • Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation
  • Loss of Vaginal Sensation (Frigidity)
  • Incontinence or Lower Urinary Tract Issues
  • Vaginal Dryness or Pain during Sex

You may also gain or lose weight, feel depressed or suffer from other symptoms as a result of your reduced sex drive. Hormone imbalance can account for some sexual issues in both men and women, but there may be purely physical reasons affecting your sexual performance. Platelet-rich plasma offers one solution to this common problem.

The treatment for women is called an O-shot®, which stands for orgasm-shot. Women could benefit from decreased pain during sex (known as Dyspareunia), added natural lubrication and increased arousal from clitoris stimulation.

For more information visit: www.oshot.info

For men, the treatment is called a Priapus-shot® or P-shot, and improvements could include more durable erections, girth, and longer penile length.

For more information visit: www.priapusshot.com


At Peace Wellness center we offer an array of aesthetic treatments. Pending on your wants and desires we can assist in achieving these goals. Our physicians can educate and guide you through the different options available including possible risks and realistic results expected.

With an in office consultation your concerns are addressed. Multiple options are presented and discussed. A plan is developed to lead you in the direction for improvement.

The common goal is to feel better, look better, and live happier. Some patients are not sure where to begin or where there are areas for improvement. We will provide you with the guidance in your journey moving forward.


  • Hair Loss
  • Pore Size
  • Wrinkles, Brown Spots
  • Skin laxity, Neck Laxity

Treatments include laser therapies, stem cell procedures, PRP treatments, topicals, micro-needling, injections such as Botox and Juvederm, and minor surgical procedures.


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